Thursday, September 20, 2007


NEW LOWS BROKE 79 !!! story our "friends" the SAUDIS trying to "break dollar peg"??
Can ANYONE explain to me why the stock market isn't CRASHING????
NO WONDER LONG TERM RATES ARE RISING!!!! and NO ONE saw the PLUNGE in foreign purchases??? to almost no existent last report?
ALL this with near record 2 day advance in Russell
Playing with fire folks, OIL staying above $82 Gold up another $7 BERNANKE'S desperate move appears to be backfiring....when the US $$$$$ weakens....NO it's plunging....EVERYTHING COSTS MORE!!!
On the backside you have PLUNGING LIQUIDITY.................some $200B went POOOOFFFF
....IF DOW sniffs all time high we get DOUBLE TOP and HUGE sell off into normal OCT lows

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