Tuesday, March 06, 2012


The vix has broken above 20 and a multi month downtrend, this correction more than likely has a bit more to run reaching highlighted minor support area. Today was the furst 90% (down) volume day of the year....this tells me the decline is going to muster some strength...a likely rebound attempt should follow for a few days before the sellers reload

Next potential targets are the rising 50 and flat line 200 below that, all would be normal targets and not upset the bullish apple cart.

But I continue to hear the same chants from my TV, "the avg US investors is under invested in US equities, this decline offers a grat chance to get in".....a few spx points from recent top looks like great entry?

Greece finds its way back into the news......market weakens, US $ strenghtens, OIL falls, gold falls....a pattern here.

Forced to play risk for returns, dividend plays are touted daily......that's alal well and good unless the DIVIDEND tax cut gets the heave ho like it might.


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