Thursday, March 01, 2012


33% of Home "owners" are UNDER WATER in their mortgage. 22% of all sales were foreclosures, down from 26% last year....1% is NORMAL! 11 MILLION homes are worth LESS than they owe.

0% FED rate is KILLING savers, retired, fixed in come. 0% rate is hurting the value of the US $, a LOWER US $ DIRECTLY effects the price of OIL, and other commodities.

When Obama was asked why OIL and GAS prices were so high he said the tensions in Middle East and "recovering economy" were to blame.....NO mention of inflationary FED and ECB rate policies...yeah let's just tax the rich.....that means you!



SSK said...

i am so sick and tired of the stupid core inflation rate, everything I buy is more expensive by at least 10% across the board, food, energy, supplies, the only thing that is dropping in price is shit at the flea market. lmfao if is wasnt so damn sad... The latest thing, I buy Tonno tuna in olive oil a bumble bee product, was 1.78 at walmart, now 1.98. I asked the lady CHANGING THE PRICE why such a big increase and she said EVERYTHING IS GOING UP...It is good i dont watch TV, and am as isolated with my own work as much as possible, I cant wait to go up river in the jungle ASAP... Thanks your work..SSK

Marc R said...

HI SSK, they want you to go to sams club and buy a box of 50 cans of tuna at once....then you will be so sick of tuna you will only eat red meat!!