Wednesday, October 13, 2010


"Oil prices rose above $82 a barrel Wednesday amid forecasts of increased demand for crude and expectations the Federal Reserve will adopt new measures to aid the U.S. economic recovery. The International Energy Agency upped its forecast for global oil demand this year and next following new data showing stronger-than-expected economic growth, especially in rich developed economies."(

OH, news flash, guess what? JPM "beats the street" but folks do we really know how their profits are derived, what IS the value of their mortgage assets? what IS "off " balance sheet?

0% interest FED Rate policy, already $Trillions of QE, POMO goosing of markets, a RACE TO DEVALUE currency, the rise in economy and markets a mirage to the devaluing shrinking $.

Already ad naseum we have heard "how the FED is ready to dish out MORE in QE II....but hearing it again in the FED minutes yesterday somehow comes as "news" BUY.

OIL heading to above $83 on the GOOD news the FED will print more money out of thin air.

BOTTOM LINE: We are already near 0% on most time frames, already at historic lows on mortgages, lows on MM funds and CD'S(screwing seniors and savers).......this is a VERY dangerous game targeting asset values, printing money in HOPES OF INFLATING ASSETS.

AN already woozy and dysfunctional economy is going to get even more so and the GROSS imbalances that record manipulation and unintended consequences will bring, will GUARANTEE YET another BEAR MARKET after they have taken this as far as they can.

We have PROOF, in the avg stats from prior 8 recession recoveries to judge if policies have been effective.....and it's a resounding NO.....if you are LONG equities, just understand what is driving price....and be ready to jump like the fleas headed for the flea bath.......and the EXCESSIVE NATURE of the stock market manipulation may just open the door to a market CRASH..... IMHO


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