Friday, October 29, 2010


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"The initial claims level fell to a three-month low as claims declined from 455,000 for the week ending October 16 to 434,000 for the week ending October 23. The consensus expected claims to increase to 458,000.

Unfortunately, just like back in early July when claims last broke through the 450,000 barrier, the decline in the initial claims level was not "real" (i.e., a behavioral decision by firms to refrain from firings). Instead, the claims level was adversely affected by poor seasonal adjustment factors that were unable to correctly account for the Columbus Day holiday.

We expect the initial claims level to return to its 450,000 to 500,000 range next week"

Friends, what say ye to rallys not out of thin air, but rising on thin air data that is not real nor reflective of real economy......just like in 2000 I cannot say when it ends until the TA shows me, but as I have said 1,000 X " castles made of sand, slip into the sea, eventually"

IMHO stock market is at minimum 20% overvalued for starters.....I could be 100% wrong, and traders go with trend, but as investor I don't like fundamentals and I don't like data thattells me I would be investing in stock market that is a record from recession (recovery) but with the REAL DATA showing me this is WEAKEST RECOVERY FROM ANY RECESSION!!!

I don't like how those odds end some point...we are near/at KEY FIB retracement levels....I have seen bubble stock action at many sectors incl rare earth materials (schlock canadian co's) with no revenues soaring to near $1B valuations with 100X normal volumes....this is IMHI a VERY dangerous market.



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