Friday, October 08, 2010


Follow these 2 links and you will hopefully understand more about the phenomenom of the current state of a SHRINKING adjusted monetary base. (maybe this SHRINKING BASE, as one of my buddies suggested is why we hear rumors of QE2)

This one is from the st louis fed "you can lead a horse to water" but cant make them lend.....cant make them borrow.

Here is current adjusted money base graph which has now slowed and is falling below its 2010 high.

This is report back from 1985:

Money Supply Falls $4.8 Billion
July 26, 1985Associated PressNEW YORK — "The nation's basic money supply tumbled $4.8 billion in mid-July, the Federal Reserve Board reported Thursday.

The decline was about twice as large as many credit analysts had expected, and it brought money supply growth more closely in line with the targets set by the Fed to assure steady, non-inflationary economic growth."

Has the current path of the monetary base been in response to the path of gold?


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