Monday, October 25, 2010


HERE WE GO, DOLLAR DEBASEMENT READ AT kd's market ticker forum.....add SPX futures to the list given affected by FED policy.

Current policies do not improve job growth, and continue to export $'s and jobs and growth overseas....what a messed up place this is.... "bend over a put a stick in your teeth"



Anonymous said...

Its not going to continue for long my friend. Think about it for a second. Fed prints money gives it to banks but banks wont lend and people wont borrow. In your own words we have a Kondratieff winter. Yes there is speculation on commodities going on now. It wont last. Go back to the video you posted. What do you think will happen when gasoline hits 4$ a gallon? What happens when food prices go up? The cure for high prices is higher prices! With wages falling and even state governments cutting jobs people simply will not buy at higher prices. Will not happen period. Dont think that Bernanke will be successful this time to inflate the US economy. As you know our monetary system is based on debt. People are loathe to go into debt now. Money supply is collapsing and Bernanke will be at some point powerless to stop it. Dollar will get stronger rather than weaker as deflation kicks in.

Marc R said...

I'm going to talk about some glaring stats, bottom line if QE1 didnt get banks to loan will QE2?
Except for make things we need more expensive.....yes...deflation is what it sounds like, inflation is the FED's game plan