Monday, May 02, 2011


My GUT says so is the general market.....greed is RAMPANT with manipulation, lack of participation from the general public, these YAHOOS are playing against themselevs in a lot of cases.



Anonymous said...

Definitely gold and silver are dure for a correction. Silver will correct more than gold along with the rest of the markets as risk play subsides. But this will create good buying opportunities ain gold and silver and miners. Use the upcoming correction to load up more. The real economy is very weak and our govt and central bank have only one solution print more money. When realisation sets in you are going to a rush into gold the like never seen before. BTW USD is not the only currency in trouble. The big three USD EURO and Yen are all in serious serious trouble. These are the biggest currency holdings and even a fraction moves into precious metals will cause huge spikes.

Duratek said...

SILVER getting whacked again today and is well below $45 support levels and could be in for a period of weakness along with surprising $ bears were left.
FED policies have fostered bubble like activity and there is a CHANCE we have seen a blowoff top in commodities....has a final BULL TOP been reached in metals? maybe not...but this correction I dont think is over