Sunday, May 01, 2011


"Now even The Grandich Letter Editor Peter Grandich, a self-proclaimed former “raging bull” on silver from under the $10 level, is saying “sell all silver holdings.”

“It’s not that it can’t go higher but I can’t first start buying it here, and I learned it’s best to consider selling when you can’t buy anymore,” he said. So, “if you like crowds, feel free to stay on board. For me, around $50 is a lovely destination to get off for a trip now eight years in the making.”

good call

IMHO stocks are also already or very close to the same me a stock at a REAL VALUE? smart money has already or is making their way to the exits, letting the foolish fight for the last run to THE TOP....where it will IMPLODE like a DEATH got to where it is on a floatila of funny money and ZERO INT RATES....its a bloated carp lying in the summer sun on an oil soaked beach.....

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