Tuesday, May 24, 2011


To annualized 323,000.........can you see it?

My loyal blogger readers, my circumstances are changing. I am leaving my current day job after 30 years....and a new chapter will begin.

One option is I continue writing, but develop a subscription service so I can continue to inform, educate, and help people steer clear of trouble, as I have and even more when I can devote 24/7 to the project.

Probably would run NO more than $199 a year. (details will be posted here when that happens) I promise it would be more than worth that price and my style and approach is different than most any other site or paid service.....just one option I am entertaining.

I have enjoyed running this blog for the last 8 years or so, and I might keep it going to some extent....it has taken a lot of effort and time. Imust provide for my family as well.

I won' make wild claims, I just know what I can offer and when you get me, you get  my network of traders, and gurus and all the info I can put into my own words from the different services I PAY FOR, that is worth  the price of anything I would charge just in that feature.
Now more than ever, if you do nothing more, you must be aware, and prepare..... I have called the last 2 Bear markets, one on this site, you can go back and see what I was saying and when, all public record. I use a combo of everyday real world observations and technical analysis to do my best NOT to get blind sided. NO ONE is pefect, there is NO secret, but 20 years plus of writing, reading, and reseach....knowledge most people would not attempt to accumulate or care to. There are financial advisors, and there are others seeking truth


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