Thursday, May 26, 2011

"LIGHT GROWTH BIG DEBT" Here is the link to AM data just released, above quote from one of few truth tellers at CNBS Rick Santelli.

GDP revised? 1st qtr growth remains at 1.8%, this far into supposed recovery this is easily HALF of what it SHOULD be.....again UPWARD revisions to unemployment claims by 5,000 and this weeks figure solidly above 400,000 at 424,000....this must be some kind of NEW AGE RECOVERY.....but I guess it all depends on who you ask....ask the top 10% in this country and you will first have to figure out which mansion they are staying at....they will say "we're bitchin'!" and I suppose that makes us the other 90% their bitches?
A GRAND CANYAON type chasm has opened up between the HAVE'S and the NOT'S....for how long will they just sit around and take it?


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