Wednesday, May 11, 2011


WILD gyrations in the markets, oil, silver, corn and adding to what might be considered "normal" volatility is CME raising margin requirements to cool off one side of the speculation...2 $5 moves and a $10 move in oil in one week is rather extroadinary and destabalising

When I saw the US $ vault higher, off its oversold overbearish lows, and people bid up silver to near $40 again, I had feeling that wouldn't end well. Mining stocks reamined weak and under pressure.

How is that RECOVERY treating you? OH you work for the gov't....HOT MONEY flowing from the FEd for 2 PLUS years going here, there and everywhere.....that is their version of sound judgment and economic stability.....and how has FED policy been for housing? jobs? Value of currency? yield for savers?

Some smart money people I read are VERY worried about the future and are getting very defensive...maybe they will be wrong, but an already dissapointing recovery for everyone but the connected is geting even less so.


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