Thursday, May 05, 2011


*do not read on if easily offended.

No one ever will, as no one will do hard time for fing us in the ass for this financial crisis…. I see mkt reaction like today, transports ripping it up panic…even with the claims 4 week now FIRMLY in recession territory, maybe it only came out and under 400K “transitory-like” for a few weeks……let’s see just keep thinking of ALL the people that have jobs, not the ones who never will… and you see why the polls say from THE PEOPLE think “market is rigged” and that is why after 10 years of games…they have gone and may not ever come back…..leaving only that Banksters and Gamesters to play with themselves!

Let me hear ALL the damn excuses why the unemployment claims hit 474,000 this week...come on  throw them at when we get UPWARD revisions from what looks like decent numbers no one will be actually looking or paying attention.

ARE U kidding me…OIL under $100 (was $114) and silver below $35 (was $50) in HOW MANY DAYS???? That’s some deleveraging, well that can never happen to stocks……and is all this, as some claim, because of a 1.46% move in $?? Come on…gee….who can feel safe really ….but now here will come hallaluyah gas prices will fall this will fuel bull some more….I guess that’s why transports rocked…gosh

10 year yields topped at 3.74% in FEB (all experts predicted DEATH OF BONDS! haaa dummies)  now 3.168% !!! what is there to be afraid of for the dive back into bonds? IS this the FED at work here piling in MOMO QE 2.....

SPX below its April peak of 1339 a level I will watch...all take care. AND lots of THIS ACTION after Osama was killed...what happened to the rejoicing ?


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