Tuesday, May 10, 2011


China's April trade surplus jumps to $11.4 billion

8 minutes ago ino.com
"China reported an unexpectedly large April trade surplus, likely fueling U.S. pressure over currency controls and market access as American and Chinese officials hold high-level talks in Washington. China's trade gap has angered Washington and other trading partners who blame currency controls and other policies they say are hampering trade and a global recovery."

Sure, let the US Officials jawbone in public, the injustice of it all, the currency manipulations...well we'll finally get those Chinese to DO SOMETHING about it!!!

And our currency woes have nothing to do with ZERO interest rates and runaway deficits, and a manufacturing base decimated by these policies. Free trade is for everyone but us. Well if the objective of US officials were to bring up 3rd world countries, we have, China is now #2 economy and in a few years will be #1. SO Iguess during the upcoming meetings, US officials will be pounding their chests so everyone can hear...the NEW PAPER TIGER


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