Tuesday, May 10, 2011


"After a sharp sell-off last week, commodities rebounded Monday. Oil jumped 5% to above $102 a barrel. Silver prices gained 6% and gold rose over 1%.

"Oil lifted this morning and, as a result, we saw a move back into the highly cyclical areas," said Kevin Rendino, a senior portfolio manager at BlackRock, pointing to companies in the energy and materials sector."

SO now OIL over $100 is good.....its the GAME they want to continue, the speculation game! THAT'S ALL THAT IS THERE IMHO!  SO now it's GOOD for OIL to drop $10 one day and vault $5 the next....glad we got that straight.

Well, why not keep the party going through July at least, where we can count on like clockwork the Federal resrrve will buy $15Billion of assets so the fire of stupidity and seperation of social classes can continue...while NO REAL RECOVERY EXISTS.


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