Monday, July 23, 2012


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THIS weekend call from "anonymous", hey I don't have bag over my head when I make a call or comment....?
Anonymous said...
60The BDI is up three percent plus this month. Big S&P rally on the way
6:31 AM
BloggerMarc R said...
MY, you called that rally well ! haaa Remember MR CEO....your post that 170 pts in DOW a week ago proved a bullish market, how childish. BUT I won't call today's drubbing any more than a bad MONDAY open...fundamentally, if you read the articles of truth, the world has serious issues.
Now as 1350 support got obliterated, now looking to see if 1330 area holds on SPX



Sir Dip said...

He /She is right. You say BDI is everything when it goes down, but when it goes up, you say does not matter. You permanent bear

From you in 2011

The BDI is a good leading indicator for economic growth

But not now because it goes up

Marc R said...

Sir dips see doodle, I hardly bring up the BDI because I over time have learned it doesn't you go along you are supposed to get go ahead add to your longs because of rise in BDI.

ECRI sees trouble, that I might listen to.

Marc R said...

Perma Bear? I have 2 accounts, one trading...neither bull nor bear, one LONG TERM...I DO NOT post my trades here, this is more fundamental and IT to LT term discussions and whatevr I feel like writing about.

WHat is the return on the S&P 500 over the last 12 years my astute friend?