Saturday, July 21, 2012


 "This may mean STOP the blah blha blah PARTY rhetoric....and SPEAK directly to the people and what do they WANT? what is important to the PEOPLE you represent? I'm sick of those who just follow like robots the PARTY line word for word.....position for position. If you speak out and support not taxing a tad more those ULTRA wealthy, you deserve to be unseated. ON OTHER HAND, where is the OUTRAGE for MR TOUPE'S pushing thru taxing Marylander's "WEALTHY making over $100,000???!!" WTF????? THERE YOU SCREAM, rage against the machine that thinks $100,000 family of 4 with healthcare and college thru the like living a life like Tiger Woods? If he raised the tax a bit on those making over $1 Million.....YOU SUPPORT IT....over $100K? you fight like your life depended on it, how many voters make more than $1M? how many make $100K? that's my need to speak to the MAJORITY of people if you piss off a few MILLIONAIRES, screw them! IF FINALLY a politician just did what was right...they would be carried around in victory on the shoulders of the people. The one's who can't compromise and do what's best for the MOST of the people....good that you?"

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