Thursday, July 26, 2012


Face Book takes a face plant in after hours, man did the IPO and then some after get hosed on that POS!

I hate to say it, but I do believe it, we're entering the MOST painful phase of the longest running Bear Market since the Great Depression.

You will survive, so will our country, but how different will it look? Will we still have the Reserve currency. The current administration has added $5 TRILLION of debt to our countries deficits in just 4 years almost 50% increase.
He concentrated on Health Care reform when the economy is job # 1.

Bush tax cuts are ending in 2013, but the congress just argues and does the circle jerk....."we will handle this next year, we have plenty of time....." OMG!!!

We are nearing the end of the longest running bull markets of all time, the BOND MARKET! AT some point, will it be an orderly rise to interest rates?

We have historic LOW interest rates at the same time we have the largest deficits that need funding??? REALLY does this make sense to you? This is possible as US GOVT BONDS are seen as a "SAFE HAVEN" but yields SNOT! It may be seen safer than any EURO bond right now....but it's not like the US has its fiscal health in order....there is NO end in sight to the $trillion deficits and we are not even talking about SS and Medicare entitlements that bring the total tab to around $100 TRILLION.

What IF the 10 year bond starts to tick up making our debt harder to finance, or those buying require higher rates to buy? With SO MANY countries scrambling to sell debt how can all the debt be funded?

MANY "players" continue to talk about the coming runaway inflation, really? You can create money....digitally but it has to get out into the real economy to do that kind of damage.

Other than commodities, like raw stuff for food and energy have been effected by the falling US $? DO we have too much money chasing too few goods? classic definition of inflation.

We have too few monies chasing TOO many goods....creating a scenario for falling prices if not propped up one way or another.

If a EURO goon comes out and says blah blah sup-port EURO blah blah...the market ignites? more like death throes.

Some KEY companies in the economy have warned. There WILL be pockets of strength....all business doesn't die, but in a slowdown of spending and investment....where all the FED seems capable of doing is either talking a good game or throwing money to keep stocks suspended....the REAL ECONOMY will continue to deteriorate wothout real investment.

Normally that comes from real savings, that banks lend out in the form of loans to real peopl, eral companies who intend to expand their business ans buy products and hire REAL PEOPLE.

NOBODY gets it. OBAMA and ROMNEY together couldn't make a 2 ring circus, both are clowns.

SURE the people are hurting, you need to support business FOOLS, they hire....the GOVT doesnt make anything, but war.

Defense spending cuts into 2014 will be drag and eliminate anywhere from 1 to 2 million jobs. We've shipped scads of manufacturing off the China, and if you have a net connection jobs to India and Philippines.

YET, companies right here in MD do not have enough "skilled" workers to fill certain jobs....most have forgotten or never learned to use their hands except to text or play XBOX.

WE have a lost generation of kids that are experts in CALL OF DUTY, but can't tie their own shoes! Will be living home with mommy and daddy until their thrown out at 30.

8% plus OFFICIAL unemployment 3 years after bottom of crisis is indicative of a more insidious problem.

There are man brave and wonderful people in this country willing to die for their country, who treat their fellow man with respect and care. and in all different tax brackets.....many more good people than those who are as crazy like psycho in Colorado....many more HEROES than losers...they deserve better,,,,a better govt.

We live in a world manipulated by just a FEW MEN, the men of the Federal Reserve, and even though their 0% rate policy has only worked to goose markets (temporarily), and STARVE savers of any real return on their money....they continue....and talk of more QE.

MORE QE would cause gold to spike along with other commodities causing an inflationary like virus.

They have expanded their balance sheets 4 fold....they talk like they can do more....the law of diminishing return has hit....AUDIT THE FED movement is gaining momentum....none of this good in a time where the insiders still believe the FED can save them from anything, even as more imbalances are being pile on top of the ones already there...and many feel they have green light to buy stocks with a FED backstop.....remove the allure and belief in the FED can fix anything and watch this thing unravel very quickly.


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