Sunday, July 15, 2012


"Earnings will be out in full swing this week. Investors will also mine for clues of potential Fed stimulus."

Certainly $3 Trillion of stimulus was not enough, well all they need to do is keep interest rates DOWN to 0% like they are and the damn ship will get righted?

In the meantime there is another story to be told, the one where savers, yeah mom and dad retired are getting hosed, banks wont get tons of money flowing in because SAVERS get nothing in return so instead of REAL $'s in the bank they must have digital FED $'s to lend to whom?

The stock market has been openly targeted by the FED, what's the big deal, you just play that angle right? Because they can just keep this game up indefinitely right?

Bleep me, I wish I had answers, no one has answers, it is set up as if only speculators can prosper....IMHO this has affected real investment...where is the incentive?

You can have an account of let's say $250K at a broker (one has advertised this recently) and they will give the leverage to $1 Million. And it is hinted that what you do, is take their GIFT at under 2% int rate, and let's say put in something yielding more and you win win's a no brainer.

Algorithms run super fast computers and makes 1,000's of trades a day looking for nuances, for pennies and more and control more than 50% of all the volume it's coming from HFT.....what happened to the voting mechanism?

They are trying to create INFLATION because what they are afraid of rightly so is DEFLATION.

Does anyone else think something is wrong when a person CANNOT have a choice for SAFE returns on are basically FORCED into HIGH RISK instruments by those who probably should be protecting you and the $. NO CHOICE IMHO = TROUBLE AHEAD.....

Does it not happen time and time again...the little guy gets hosed.....this time its a bend over marathon!


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