Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This all plays into the final leg of the great bear mkt. WHen faith is lost in the FED (our saviour) and our do nothing govt which is broke cant get out of its own way, EUROPE is broke. Everybody wants to issue currency, bonds get bailouts....but we are basically broke $100 T if you add unfunded liabilites, Obama a joke....sheeple still believe...MITT a joke

Recent report I read suggests 3 potential outcomes and possible strategies

        1.       Bet against the $ with ETF

2.       EURO is toast

3.       Gold will rise after correction to $3,000 play mining stocks

4.       US stocks  will fall, can short by being in cash

5.       Inflation is real go long inflation (but wil DEFLATION ACTUALLY WIN first?)

We can never pay back out debts, what will our world look like if we lose reserve currency? F ME!

Phase 1 of bear ended 2009 lows, Phase 2 in process near end where they come back for more punishment and think stocks are safe, worse yet the FED policies keep MORE in them even though bond funds getting big flows.

Phase 3 will take us below 2009 lows IMHO

THEN if still around....BUY WITH BOTH FEET...most will not be able or just stomach it.... Our leaders are all BS, they argue about what to do, who to tax or not, and so do nothing. SUPER COMMITTEE formed last year had not one single suggestion.


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