Friday, July 27, 2012

"US economic growth slows to 1.5 percent annual rate(note they say TOPS ESTIMATES!!) from April-June, consumer spending weakens

US economic growth slows to 1.5 percent annual rate from April-June, consumer spending weakens"

"Despite Mario Draghi's reassurance that the ECB will do everything in its power to save the euro zone, Europe is not going to do anything meaningful and central bank action will not save the equity markets - on the contrary, they'll "implode", Charles Biderman, Chief Executive and Founder of TrimTabs Investment Research, told CNBC."

Yes looking ahead though it is likely Growth in coming quarters will slow below that and that is CONTRACTION.

If so, look out for falling stock prices which have been propped up by FED actions. And should the FED lose ANY cred with investors.....kaboom.



Anonymous said...

3 and a half percent from highs this year. Get ready for crash through resistance, slice right through, blow right by all bears, hurry get on board the central bank train.

Sincerely Jack Bouroudjian, CEO of Bull and Bear Partners

Anonymous said...

You see that barnburner? Told you.

Tune in to my radio show, call in, love to have wounded bear on the air. Love to chat with the people on the other side of my trades, and thank them , of course.

Sincerely Jack Bouroudjian, CEO of Bull and Bear Partners

Marc R said...


I don't gloat...well I cant haa. We had a tradingrange and we're at the top....blowoff OR continuation to new highs. I have aid before 1400-1450 certainly possible.

I might call if I am free....gotta take your call for caution has not wavered... Have a good weekend, thank you for posting a comment