Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Some noted names in the corporate landscape have been giving less than wonderful earnings result sand warnings about future results.

CHIPOTLE, TXN, UPS, AAPL to name a few. Some experts see $110 SPX profits for 2012....I don't see how this can be accomplished if we get sub 1.5 GDP.

FED Policy can do little to help the economy, and they might be reluctant to do much with elections on the horizon as the unemployment rate remains stubbornly above 8% almost 4 years into so-called recovery.

The FED has expanded their balance sheet 3 fold since crisis began but they control barely 15% of the money supply, bankd control the rest and interbank lending is down 70%!

Money is created when you go to thebank and take out a loan, otherwise it might be just sitting around doing nothing but gaining .25% for the banks, thanks to FED policy

Why not take away the inducement to just let the money sit around.....but in any case, are their people pout there willing to take on risk, loans in this uncertain environment.

Going into 2014 the defense spending cuts have been said will cut anywhere from 1-2 million jobs.

AM I always a bear? It just may seem that way, as I've called 2 bear markets, both BRUTAL in last 10 years....I didn't ask for it, I just call it like I see it.

I run my OWN company, I NEED to sell the products to customers....so trust me, I want to see a vibrant economy....you don't get there in the direction we are headed.

SO I SAY AGAIN, beware.....now after really turning in some amazing profits since 2009....is it starting to unravel?


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Sir Dip said...

Yes 24 7 365 bear talk since 2004. Yes you are bound to catch a bear move if you say the same thing over and over and over.

What is the 12 year return of RYURX? put up a chart of bear fund if you dare !!!!!