Friday, September 24, 2010


CNB you know who resorts to bringing in shill hedge trader to hump stocks and his position......gee I'm positioned long stocks, and I think you should buy too! can't lose FED got your back!

WASHINGTON (AP) -- New homes sold at the second-slowest pace on record in August, signaling that the housing market will remain a drag on the economy.

Let's get this straight, FED got my back, go long cause FED got my back......what has FED done for me?

Where did all that bad shit paper go? HOW? FED printed $1.5 Trillion $'s out of thin air and bought the funny money......shit bought with that's how we solve a financial crisis!
Banks getting money for next to nothing from the FED, then BUY the Bonds from ? THE FED......there is little or NO incentive to take ANY risk loaning money to businesses.....wonder about this next time the FED is worried banks are not lending.....

Gold hits new record; silver at 30-year high- ask WHY my friends, why...this is NOT a good thing .


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