Friday, September 17, 2010


SPX futures GREEN pre market, up enough to challenge thhe top area AGAIN! 1127-1131
A break and hold and hold of this area would probably lead to higher prices. None of this stock manipulation changes the true picture of reality being experienced on the streets, one of near Depression like experiences.

from market oracle website written by John Mauldin

WASHINGTON (AP) --" Federal regulators are set to propose new rules that could make it harder for financial firms to disguise their level of debt. why would hiding debt to fool investors be legal ever?

The expanded disclosure requirements would apply to banks' practice of temporarily trimming their debt at the end of quarters to make their financial statements appear stronger.
I guess fooling and lying to the public is leagl and gov sanctioned The practice is legal but regulators say it can give investors a distorted picture of a bank's debt and level of risk. (so what?)

Lehman Brothers used so-called repurchase agreements as an accounting trick in the months before its collapsehey this wasnt a problem was it? into the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history two years ago. The demise of the Wall Street titan
triggered a panic in financial markets. "

More games banks play OFF BALANCE SHEET BS try it on your next tax return and see what happens?

Gary North suggests politicos might use VERY TEMPORARY voting poll workers in upcoming jobs reports, gee that wouldn't DISTORT employment picture RIGHT before elections?

OK, there has been little improvement to hosuing situation, we understand that many of the bad underwater loans STILL reside on the banks " investments" but we have NO IDEA what value the bank is saying they are GAO suspended TRUE reporting and accounting of them,

reminds me of the famous line "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH"

The market rally since March of 2009 was built on false hopes, false accounting, false data, misleading action perpetrated by sanctioned legal questionable HFT activity.

IMHO, this mirage can only END one way.....when the music is our is US $ and bonds listless at Depression like levels of uncertainty and fear accepting near 0% return, just happy to get return.

TRILLIONS OF FRESH PRINTED FIAT.......printed at get any? DECEPTION is its worst enemy and we ain't that stupid..anymore


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