Wednesday, September 29, 2010


"tax anyone as long as it's not me" ? Politics can/will POLARIZE America. Obama and friends still blame Bush/R's for the mess.....R's blame DEm's for making their mess worse....Protective LAWS KILLED beginning with CLinton ADM.......any side NOT in power and those IN power do WHATEVER it takes to KEEP or GET power...key word is POWER.

I see AVG JOE In middle of tug of war. 2 sides here NEVER going to agree,,,,

The evil IS THE FED, money rules, too big banks now GINORMOUS too fail....long term issues get short term solutions from small thinking men. We have some good ones, but mostly MORONS in Congress (both sides). HOW MANY DONT EVEN READ BILLS THEY SIGN or NEVER SHOW TO VOTE?

Now stock market controlled by some entity....lost its mind....I look at YIELDS and are YKME???? .37% on the 2 yr there's your real vote of NO confidence add gold to that you got a poops nest they covering it with more manure, obscuring smell of truth

Americans SOLD OUT by both parties, dont expect that to change...we have lost our way....buckle up

I'll tell you how this is going to end? in a shitstorm....maybe they stall it off for awhile longer, but that piper getting real itchy to get paid!


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