Wednesday, September 22, 2010


What is different between the US and GREECE? WE can print money at will.....$TRILLIONS OF IT!!!!!!!!

The IMF made Greece ($400B in debt) install "austerity" measures included increase taxes, reduce government spending, has led to decrease in consumer spending and loss of jobs.

But here the situation, for now, is different. The FED can print money and use the money to buy US convienent.

Current administration (as they all do) wants to KEEP THE POWER! THE POWER, they will do almost ANYTHING to keep THE POWER. Print money no problem, push social agenda over domestic jobs no problem....and now with ELECTIONS LOOMING.....won't they do ALL THEY CAN to keep the PROP JOB on U S equities going?

KEEP the ILLUSION of recovery? when did less worse pass for economic prosperity? WHEN did listless, putrid below par volume in stocks pass for a bull market? with rising volumes on declines? that's bass ackwards!

Bright spots are all either military spending, or stimulus connected, there is little organic growth! There is little job growth, there is no recovery in housing....housing that drives the economy.
WHAT THEY DID...will take MANY years to absorb and correct...I am sorry to say


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