Tuesday, May 18, 2010


*late update today down volume registered 88% of total volume....lower prices likely ahead

If you have Dracula and friends and YOU in a closed room, and you've run out of holy water and stakes......that's how the FED is going to feel having shot most of their ammo and filling their books with crap if another crisis or same erupts anew....where do they go from ZERO %???

Having traded their treasuries for near worthless paper, that's gotta suck. NO secondary market for mortgages. AT ZERO % rates for more than a year, with no hint of an end to it, that should sober you up as to what kind of mess we are in.

If you remove gov stimulus and inventory rebuilding you would not have much economic growth. This may be the WEAKEST real growth recovery from a recession in history, yet stocks up a record from lows? THEY goose what they can.

We have had double the amount of bank failures to date compared with last year this time.

We can barely muster a 1% inflation rate, yet hardly anyonenotices the DEFLATIONARY TRENDS!

We have a record level of unoccupied and foreclosed real estate...FED going to cut rates below ZERO?

YET We get the insanity of response from many heralding the rise in unemployment as a "bullish sign"..."means more people are looking, must mean more jobs" ASSHOLES! The shadow unemployed or underemployed would make it more like 18% unemployment...the U6 measure you dont hear about....wages are flat.

There are jobs...not nearly enough and you better be the best at whatever it is you are looking for....and not be over 50.

How do you cure a debt crisis with more debt?

A price is going to be paid....now or more later.



Anonymous said...

We are going into a double dip. The second half of 2010 will be like later 2008 all over again and maybe worse.

I really feel we are in the eye of the storm here.

Marc R said...

They are not magicicans, and I don't think they have rabbit in the hat.

No one in power asks why we have had 2 blow ups in 7 years and why same elixr is used time and time again.

Not a time to get cute. My nieces husbandd just got job Northrup gruman in IT dept, will make 6 figures....he's smart guy knows his programming....and they went after him!....can happen but better have skills

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to him. Good company; big defense contractor.

Marc R said...

Thanks.He was years ago an energy trader, made ton of money. Quit job, got his masters....smart guy.
Always room for smart people.Always room for smart programmers and IT people.