Saturday, May 22, 2010


This chart is called a "Point and Figure" chart. each box represents 50 pts, so it illiminates some noise. Previous row of 0's shows a break of 9900 would NOT be good. Bearish potential shown to 8600.


Anonymous said...

Worth a look -

T Theory Observations for Sunday May 23 2010

Today I will discuss my major conclusion that we have entered a new bear market that will likely last until the year 2013.

Marc R said...

Yes, I just posted the link last post, have had others send that today. Fairly certain he changed to bullish during may be worth giving some weight.

I don't like the backdrop at all. Doesn't stop potential of a rally...but I feel it will be muted.

My weekend charts were attempting to show more evidence of bear caution is warranted....been saying Chinese mkt had topped last AUG, not a good sign