Monday, May 10, 2010


AN ECB $1 TRILLION fund is now available for, you guessed it BAILOUT not companies or banks but whole countries, how splendid!

Understand this, anyone tapping this money will be FORCED to invoke STIFF austerity measures, the kind that has caused RIOTS in Greece....but basically these countries are bankrupt.

I told you oversold was going to get corrected....and how with futures pointing to a PLUS 50 ZUTZ on the SPX, I have never seen that number before....more strange happenings in the supposed free market system.

Will this be enough to show, don't mess with the Zohan of market manipulators? tune in.

ONE point I noticed, CHINESE stocks were limited to a mere 10 point odd....

ZILLOW.COM just released housing data,,,,,,23% of homeowners are "UNDERWATER" upside down in their homes! and home values slipped another 3% plus

Add to that what we do know now, MANY have stopped paying and are walking away from homes.....many staying FOR FREE paying nothing until bank forecloses.....and this has freed BILLIONS into consumer clever.

But the BANKSTERS don't seem to have to account for the drop in valuations! how convienent.....crisis over?



Anonymous said...

Ah yes - another "Bailout".

Let's examine that word in Wall Street contexts. Bailout = Debt assumed by one party and assigned to anthoer party who is already in debt to the point of Bankrupt. It is a lose/lose situation.

Bailout with your friends = they bailed you out because they had more money than you and you owe nothing and they are still solvent.

Bailout in Wall Street terms = I just robbed more money from the American Taxpayer and gave it to the Banks either directly or thru the IMF.

I hope the US military overthrows the FED and drives tanks right thru Bernake's office with him in it.

This money giveaway will dissapate much faster than the tarp program.

Then the Wall Street computers will turn on each other and there will be no one left to buy.

Marc R said...

Yes,like Terminator, the machines have taken over. who is left to be the greater fool?