Thursday, May 20, 2010


You have institutional buyers mostly stepped away, you have individual investors long stepped away from the markets and include 8 MILLION PLUS out of work surely are NOT piling into 401k's.

What you are LEFT WITH is the computers, hedge funds and BIG BANKSTERS circle jerking themselves....aided by FREE MONEY from the FEDERAL RESERVE, BAILED OUT maybe for this purpose, they have played the market lows of fear and used more leverage to rally the markets....does that sound like a NEW BULL MKT? or reaction in a bear market.

A HUGE rise in jobless claims, in face of 1 M census hires....that's worrisome...whose left to buy all the defaulted homes?

WHO IS LEFT TO BUY THE STOCKS? those same players, the HFT gang....who masquerade as banks......can surely make money on the way down as easily as on the way up.

IS THIS a wall of worry you want to climb? AND STILL on the pop act financial network....the hair club.....guests are still talking UP the economy....%$#!@@**&^%@!!!

Over last 30 years we PILED UP HISTORIC levels of debt.....time has deal with printing? or? WHOSE got answers? certainly not the politicians......when does civil unrest reach our shores? look at bright side.....$2 combo meals coming your way.....$1 packages of frozen meatballs at the $ store..... anybody selling anything other than influence and GOV connections is in trouble.


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