Monday, May 10, 2010


Intersting price has consolidated UNDER the 50EMA here in my 60M chart. Flat to declining MA's tend not to be a ssupportive as when rising.
Where to now? I'd like to know if today was a 90% UPSIDE day, it probably was....I will get that info later tonight.
ALL the FED and GOV programs did not stop the pain in 2008 until the GAO suspended "mark to market" accounting...allowing banks to tell us what is the value of their holdings.
European Central Banks cobbled together a nice bailout package, so, well we told you not to worry....we can just keep doing this.....print to prosperity......bail to economic expansion.
My guess there will be no lingering maladjustments or consequences for make believe economic policy.
WILL CHINA get off mat tonight? I would have to think so, if it doesn' me that isn't sending a jolly message of glee and thanks.

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