Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend POST

Gots lots of reading to catch up with this weekend.

Friday failed to deliver any follow though, the FED DRIVEN GOV LED STIMULUS LADEN revival is a damn fizzle. The economy IMHO is DOA.

Many of you may stop in and think this guy is a real grouch, or wonder if I am a perma bear. I am not a grouch, nor perma bear, was HYPER BULLISH in the 90's....but here come the new century and I have been avoiding stocks for last 10 years for the most part, unless trading.

STocks valued in US $'s have plunged and NOT RECOVERED. Stocks are lower than they were over 10 years ago. CASH has outperformed stocks. BOnds have outperformed stocks, gold has outperformed all.

If the market doesn't find some traction soon, good chance we get ONE of the possible BEAR MKT signals a 50/200 cross.

My wish is for a real recovery, but for that to be possible, we would need real change....


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