Friday, May 14, 2010


I have been pointing to the VIX as one of our guides, I had listed the 25 area as important for short term action, briefly dipping below Thursday, it held and closed above, now flirting with 30 plus again. This is ANXIOUS ACTION.

When players get happy feet, prices dive.

Greece and Europe (PIIGS) fixed? In John Mauldin's recent "outisde the box" May 10th online piece, he says "eurozone leaders assume that this is a LIQUIDITY problem. IT IS NOT. (my emphasis) It is a SOLVENCY and balance sheet problem." what many are saying kicking the can down the road.

Folks how can you solve a DEBT PROBLEM with MORE DEBT? what did we do here?

Market off 2% (210 Dow points), let's see how she closes......this may lead us to think reactive lows will get tested.....while goofasses on CNBC keep telling us how vibrant the recovery is.....continued employment claims in the 440,000 weekly range not very comforting....but DAMNIT was the York rd CHICK-FIL-A rocking for lunch! Now if that was a public company I would own shares of that. Best food, best quality, best service and attitude of any of the fast food will not catch me within half mile of a BK, MCD or Wendys.....that food is krap IMHO.


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