Thursday, April 14, 2011

412,000 IN AM CLAIMS  4 week moving averaged hopped to 395,000.....friends....this is unprecedented in modern times recovery is this continued recovery talk with RECORD numbers getting some form of government the same time the inflation data is coming in HOT.

Did anone read the Matt Taiibi report on how the 2 GS wives got over $220 MILLION from the TALF fund?  DID you not want to rip your screen in 2? I did not get one single comment from anyone concerning that and I am worried I am not reaching my readers, that all my time and effort is for shit....IMHO if you can remain MUTE after reading that, and it didn't get you hot under the collar and piss you off...nothing will. This forum can be used to express yourself..otherwise it sometimes feels like I'm in a vacuum and I have other things I could be doing.

Rally on? on this news? good luck to that...we are in trading range until we aren't



Anonymous said...

I appreciate and value your commentary. When I try to share what's going on I get the same reaction...apathy!

Duratek said...

It would appear so, but there are a LOT of lurkers out there and they don't understand to make a site better there is interaction and response.

If nothng more a place for me to express be it

Anonymous said...

too depressed to comment after reading , but love the web site. Read it every day. Great info.

Duratek said...

Thanks appreciate that. GOOG missed in AH....there is not enough buying to move stocks ahead, so far not enough selling to take them down....TGIF