Friday, April 08, 2011


Kingworldnews  gold and silver at all time highs....OIL at $111.....funny how you can hear a PIN DROP and the fear index is near its lows....that is VERY bothersome

"With gold trading at all-time highs and silver at multi-decade highs, today King World News interviewed James Turk out of Spain. When asked about the US dollar Turk stated, “The key development is that the US dollar is in fact breaking down. This is something that we have been talking about for a few weeks now and the dollar index here in Europe is at the lowest levels since November of 2009. We’re closing in on those lows of 74.17, once that level breaks the floodgates open. Put another way, the dollar falls of the edge of the cliff.”

The avg American owns NO GOLD OR SILVER......we have our major asset as our homes, and our banks and safe havens pay 0% and have been TAKEN AWAY!!!

So should we bend over and grab our ankles? don't we at least deserve a reach around?

If you're connected, youy're doing OK, spit on the sidewalk avg Joe and get hauled the game of buying RISKY ASSET CLASSES or watch your savings in US $'s go up in smoke DIRECTLY from gov't and FED policies...going counter to the AMERICAN WAY.

The avg family of 2 kids......way of life is under attack WHO RESPRESENTS YOU?



Anonymous said...

It is scary out there. Elva

Duratek said...

Hi Elva, thank you for leaving a comment and visiting me.I still get about 100 plus views a day but am shocked at muted reponse to my last few posts....partly is my layout here for responding, but it is free to operate so for now this is my home.

I know someone in the craft show biz, they run shows that attract th buyers for jewelry, clothes, pots etc made HERE in U.S....the shows are now down 50% in last 4 years..retail outlets are closing (less buyers) and craftspeople are going out of business too....some lose to Chinese imports.
And others quit as Gold and Silver make their jewelry too expensive.
Maybe even more, better competition from competing shows that also offer RETAIL days so they can make back their booth fees.
Calif P Kitchen was crowded last