Sunday, April 24, 2011

"If only our earliest encounters with money, like getting a quarter for cleaning our room or a whole dollar from the Tooth Fairy, taught us what we would need to know about personal finance. Instead, we learned the hard way by growing up.

A lightbulb flickered in my head in fifth grade when I realized my $10 weekly lunch allowance didn't need to be spent on cafeteria pizza. By saving $2 a week for two months, I could buy my first Backstreet Boys CD. It was a moment I'd never forget, for it finally dawned on me exactly what money was worth -- anything I wanted."

Gosh why do the economists make it sound so complicated.....we should all WALK TO WORK, save the $75 a week in gas......and put that towards your utility bills....or fresh underwear..your choice!

But it suddenly dawned on me, because of FED policy and GOVT bailouts and runaway deficits....I know what our money is worth also.....what I could afford yesterday I NO longer can today

Happy Easter


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