Saturday, April 16, 2011

WHAT DOES GAS COST IN YOUR STATE?  It's up about a $1 from one year ago, this is a real shock to most consumers.

The stock market is stuck in a trading range of about 1300-1339. It's a stalemate, but the longs feel NO pressure.
The fear index, the VIX fell below 16 Friday signalling traders are not worried enough to buy puts for protection.

The US $ is in full scale death watch mode and is in danger of collapsing. Sometimes that just when it may surprise and get happy feet.

Just ate at Jack's Deli, awesome! IMHO it KILLS Panara by a mile, BETTER FOOD, BETTER ATMOSPHERE, they bring your food to you, many HEALTHY selections.

Its TAX TIME.....Monday is due date.

From Doug Nolands Credit Bubble Report

"At the same time, expectations for ongoing near-zero Fed funds place a low ceiling on Treasury (and related) yields. I would argue that a heavily distorted “Bubble” market for determining U.S. Treasury yields disregards risks associated with U.S. structural debt issues and a rapidly deteriorating inflation backdrop. One of these days, China and fellow Brics nations may arrive at the conclusion that the best hope they have for reining in “hot money,” surging commodities prices, and increasingly unwieldy inflation is to back away from supporting our debt markets."


"Bank of America Corp. closed the first quarter with revenue down sharply across the majority of its businesses, sending profit falling 36%.

The nation's largest bank by assets is struggling to right the ship, saying Friday that it changed its chief financial officer, Chuck Noski, after less than a year on the job, as well as naming a new legal chief. Chief Risk Officer Bruce Thompson will succeed Mr. Noski by the end of the second quarter." full story for members at WSJ.COM

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