Saturday, April 09, 2011


"Shutdown avoided, White House, Congress cheer deal"

"Last-minute agreement avoids a shutdown"
"Today Americans of different beliefs came together again," President Barack Obama
WHY this is heart warming....I'm gonna shed a tear!!!
FREINDS....we aren't that STUPID are we?

IN WHAT LIFE with all the shit going on in the world, sovereign debt, Tsunami, radiation, with $111 OIL, CRB thru roof, $ crumbling, 7.5 MIL less workers than 3 yrs ago, record #'s on gov't assistance, housing market worst in history, ZIRP, QE, do we have a raging BULL MKT???????

It's the reality you get when the FEDERAL RESERVE throws aside its MANDATE OF "STABLE CURRENCY" and the FULL EMPLOYMENT? they set aside the mandate for in their OWN WORDS....."raising risky asset prices......" for their WEALTH's that working for you America?

Are these IDIOTS SO DELUSIONAL THAT THEY DONT SEE THE DANGER BREWING WITH THE CURRENT STATUS QUO? And the millionaires in congress, most NEVER holding real jobs, none taking pay cuts like rest of Americans and have free health care, unlike most Americans.....the rulers don't share OUR reality...and never will.
(when all asset classes rise except US $ and URANIUM!!!!)
Can't wait for all the asset classes to rock n roll Monday on such historic good news as "shut down avoided" world saved....we cut 1/2 of 1% of the budget....boy that was thru the night tough bargaining!)


. $39 billion in cuts (wow that will make a DENT in the $1.5 TRILLION shortfall?)


Anonymous said...

Font sizes increasing exponentially! I get your anger. Its ridiculous they are fighting over a few billion dollars in cuts when the deficit itself is like 1700 billion. But you have to realise most Americans are not aware of the scope of the problem and they dont care to learn about it. The media does nothing to enlighten the public other than show the cat fights and depending on the channel they pick sides too. Talk to people around you. They are not aware of the serious tsunami about to hit us. There a few blogs like yours that help to wake some people up but most Americans are hooked on ipods and reality shows etc. Talk to them. Most of think they can raise taxes and solve any problem. We dont have a chance until they wake up and demand change from their senators and representatives. We are a long way away from that. So buy silver and gold on dips. Save yourself.

Duratek said...

"font sizes" I updated blogger dashboard, more toys.

Not only do I run this blog going on 8 years, yes I talk to people everyday...I find more and more enlightened people....ALL willing to hear what I have say at Pet Depot, Giant Foods....Home Depot...Bank Of America....wherever...I fight the fight every day.
Taxes are going UP....and the SILENT KILLERS "inflation TAX" smart rewally are the FED bald heads?