Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Million Applications, 62,000 Jobs Served At McDonald’s « CBS Chicago

One Million Applications, 62,000 Jobs Served At McDonald’s « CBS Chicago

How sad is this????? Remember we are having this wonderful RECOVERY, where jobs are still being shipped off th India and China and any other cheap labor destination where those wonderful corporations here in the US can show higher profits, on top of the weaker $ adding to foreign currency profits,,,,,why not layoff 3 Americans and hire 3 Indian IT people? Isn't it the nice thing to do, see people all over the world kick our ass? As our people SWARM over McDonald's for 60,000 minimum wage part time jobs? that's progress for ya matey.

Now, I like a SPIRITED rally like the next guy, but I also like it when the growth you see is rooted in good fundamentals and is sustainable. A stock will keep going UP until the majority of shares are being SOLD instead of BOUGHT and thsi can happen at anytime, but is more likely to happen when profits are at risk of slowing or falling or the price gets so high there are no takers.....THIS MARKET IS NO LONGER, hasn't been moving on fundies, it is moving on emotion and greed....and because it is going higher.

there is little to choose from as an alternative. FED has made sure you CANNOT make a return from savings. Savings is being turned into some VILE and loathed asset class to be purged from society...this is the goal of YOUR FEDERAL RESERVE....and just a FEW people have the say so...of setting monetary policy and controlling currencies...........doesn't sound too smart to me.


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