Tuesday, April 19, 2011


TURN this upside down and you have the stock market and gold, oil since 2009! This also looks like the path of the US $.
We are still in the cyclical bull market, selling has not been intense enough to shake off the fleas.And as you understand I could be TOTALLY WRONG, but investing is about managing RISK, IMHO the easy MONEY HAS BEEN MADE.
There has NOT been a lot of conviction from the bulls or the bears lately.....if LONG not much fear being shown, still near rally highs. If betting the TOP IS IN, we are at bottom of trading range even as more BAD NEWS arises......yesterdays selling lacked intensity except for point losses....out of the gate she fell, but made a low very quickly and stabilized thereafter.

As above chart illustrates, and this is before the 8:30 DATA, there is NO recovery of substance where we need it the most.

NO COMMON sense plans are to be seen to handle our rising deficits and other structural issues. S&P warning on our debt is laughable, really? we have debt issues?
By KILLING the $ and giving away and printing like it was free, $ weakness masks other structural problems. ALLOWING an accounting gimmick doesn't make the problem go away or the banks to lend....or sell the houses.

$4 GAS doesn't help build confidence with Consumers. SIMPLE fixes for SS wont even be considered like taxing all wages, not stopping at $90K or do as they do now and SS debits dissapear fro the wealthy....what they rather do is tell you you can't colelct until your 80 and you aren't going to get as much...well at least we have SOME PROGRESS!


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