Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Bernanke offers clues about steps to raise rates

1 minute ago INO.COM

"At a historic news conference, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke offered clues Wednesday about when and how the Fed would begin raising interest rates. The Fed chairman also said any additional steps by the Fed to try to lower unemployment might raise other risks, such as higher inflation. If inflation were to accelerate, it could then reduce employment. That's because the Fed would have to raise rates to slow borrowing and spending and blunt price increases."

Really, is it the borrowing and spending that is creating the rise in things? Let's see right after the FED communique the us $ hit a new low for the move on way to its all time lows..ANYTHING denominated in $'s went higher....OIl, GOLD, SILVER.....

Of course our leaders at a quandry as to how to lower prices....Bernanke is going to keep this going until he kills us all...again savers and those not in risk get the WET SPOT!


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SSK said...

if inflation were to accelerate? What the hell is he talking about. LMAO if it werent so expensive!