Monday, April 18, 2011


  • Builder outlook falls ahead of spring season- AP

  • Citi's Q1 profit falls 32 percent on lower loans- AP

  • Drugmaker Eli Lilly's 1Q profit falls 15 percent- AP

  • The market made its lows not soon out o the gate, but did little after that. Large point losses hid lackluster selling, it was a day the buyers didnt show up with much conviction.

    And that's why the SPX came back above 1300. Sideways action can frustrate longs but I don't see ANY throwing in of towel. I'm not sure a meteor hitting DC would stop the funneling of $'s into risky assets as long as no other game in town.
    WHat an amazing unwinding its going to be though. JJG caught a bid today, may chart later on.


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