Friday, April 08, 2011


I believe CLEAN DIESEL technology exists already to cure the current oil crisis....and diesel outpaces any ELECTRIC HYBRID on MPG......but let them search for NEW technologies when one already exists that could make a HUGE impact....and subsidize others that cannot otherwise be viable...and forget letting the free market system pick winners and losers.

Electric only cars a JOKE.....NAT GAS a JOKE......ETHANOL a JOKE.....most alt energy sources do little or require fossil fuels to recover or about better mass transit like in japan? Hey I love the new Ford Shelby GT 500.....but United States House Prices


Think of WHY inflation IS the goal of the FED and CB's? This is an attempt to neutralize the bigger threat.....and mask  DEFLATION.....take all the LOSS OF VALUE TO THE WORLDS REAL ESTATE.....todays inflated assets do little to repair that damage.

What IS occurring today is the creation of STAGFLATION at best...and I thank them....Pay MORE for what you LESS for what you could live without.......SEE NO IMPROVEMENT in the one asset MOST have MAJORITY of wealth in it's a mistake on their part not to OWN GOLD< SILVER< ENERGY< STOCKS....many have gone INTO their 401K's and withdrawn attempt to survive....but current policies do little to minimize the pain on those MOST effected.

Those feeling the WEALTH EFFECT VS THOSE FEELING THE PAIN....a SAD %...remember  I never said here don't play the markets for gains...should have...should be....until the run for the hills signal.....maybe that is where I stand firm...there will be a time sooner than later where that signal comes...this is NOT the dawn of a new day its a kick you can down the road long as it lasts


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