Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hey, and it’s not HIVES! Wow, indexes to NEW RALLY HIGHS…I can hardly contain my enthusiasm and its fun and wonderful to make money as our country goes down the toilet.

68% up NYSE volume on such an historic day, it all warms my heart so. For this is all proof positive we are IN a recovery and its all because all is getting better and we are heading in the right direction.

I’m all for “going with the flow” so let’s get that out there on the table.

Underneath of that you have lowest % of Americans owning stocks since 1999 at 54%, sadly most Americans wealth Was in their homes, how stupid can they be.

Why aren’t the sheeple jumping on this wonderful stock market that is so real you can taste it? Maybe because they are f’ing tired of being sheeple?

Woopie to the new highs, suck my hind teet that its based on even a scintilla of real. Its based on an expansion of deficit spending and smoke and mirrors and I guarantee it, will end with more crocodile tears than can be found in the Amazon.

But remember, first and foremost….I’m ALL for riding the trend, its just I have a conscience. And I’m also sure there is nO WAY this is a game of musical chairs, this is real and will last for our lifetime…yehaaaaaa

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