Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Look to see if Silver can hold $45 area and US $ below 74.00. Oil is above $112 and continues to beat on consumers.

The talk on CNBC from 'THE HAIR" is this astute trickster is asking when the FED is going to put the peddle down and help create jobs......last Recession on 2001 was known as the NON RECESSION(Consumer spending did not fall!) and subsequent recovery as the NON JOBS RECOVERY.

The MAIN and ONLY GOAL of the FED is to force savers OUT of their rabbit holes and into RISKY ASSETS, the GOAL of the FED is to RAISE PRICES OF STOCKS......didnt realize this was their mandate.

How can Consumer Spending hold up with 7 MIL losing jobs? GOVT PAYOUTS.....what a recovery


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