Monday, April 25, 2011

Barney Frank caught in a lie

The problem with the internet is what you actually say is preserved.....we actually have numnuts like this governing us...



Anonymous said...

Mark Levin? Ilove that guy. Care to guess what happened to Barney Frank? Why they made him Chair of the House financial Services committee! I mean you gotta be kidding me. You have be a utter moron and a dismal failure to be someone high in Washington. Ditto for Ben Bernanke I mean why in the world would anyone reappoint that guy?

Duratek said...

LIsten to him today, and reassure yourself of that opinion as the bald clueless pawn speaks.

Bernanke also reassured us in 2006-2007 that "there has never been a period in history where home values had fallen yr over yr... I WILL POST ALSO