Thursday, April 21, 2011


EVEN the mainstream Consumer Sentiment picture has not even recovered back to theWORST IT EVER WAS in 2001-2003 bear market after 911!!
This is the most one sided manipualted recovery NOT this country has ever seen.
ONE MUST aske, WHY if the stock market reflects the economy, has gained almost 100% since its lows, would the SAME AGGRESIVE monetary expansionist policies still be in effect full tilt???

And from above link to Consumer Metrics you will see that ALL of the eso called expansion in Consumer spending and loans comes from "seasonal edjustements" WHAT IS WRONG with giving a RAW FIGURE? because it wouldnt look as good...economists are like a dime a dozne snake oil salesmen....
And LAST weeks unemployment claims QUIETLY gets revised UP anohter 4,000 when no one is paying attention......and the headline reads?

WHAT is going to be the price of this FED orchestrated gambit of ZERO rates and monetizing the debt?
Watch value of your money....andd they are at same time trying to KILL the YEN vs the $.....because traders are short the YEN...cant have them hurt.
SO the way to a PROSPEROUS US economy is by targeting the value of our currency so exports will rise?
HELLOOOOOOO what about the wage disparity between them ans us? HOW many new factories being constructed here?
What about the price of everything we need food and energy?

IMHO, the RISE in stocks is directly attributed to FED policy and outright targeting of assets, there is NO FREE MARKET......NOW they cannot STOP, and they wont!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF WE HAD REAL RECOVERY, would we still need ZIRP and FED MANIPULATION??



SSK said...

thanks for the good info. I have heard various fed officials. all nuts. we need something that is impossible in our life times in my opinion. People dont have a clue what is coming.

Duratek said...