Thursday, April 28, 2011


Jobless claims SHOOT UP 25,000 to 429,000 and the 4 week moving average is now solidly above 400K at 409,000 !!! friends what kind of RECOVERY IS THIS?????

THE GDP 1st qtr plummets from 3.1% to only 1.9% and that can be revised downward further in the later revisions when no one is looking....WHERE IS THE SUSTAINABILITY OF RECOVERY?

WHERE IS THE RECOVERY WITHOUT 20% of consumer spending coming from govt transfer payments? NO WAGE GROWTH, didn't the FED say yesterday companies are hiring again? where in CHina? Greatest number in our hstory need some form of gvot assistance, lowest number on record 54% own stocks....most ever underwater in their homes....YET...GREATEST STOCK MARKET RALLY FROM LOWS IN 100 YEAR HISTORY>>> does this sound right to you?

But this is the formula that is used every time by FED, someone prints money...tries to paper over prior mess...on to does one spend themselves to prosperity? DO you solve a DEBT CRISIS by piling on more record debt?

DO you solve you problems by devaluing your currency and putting evcen more pressure on an already hurting consumer? DO you point out that IPODS have come down in price when refuting inflation is a problem?

Thevalue of the $ is collapsing, almost everything priced in dollars goes up....except the TREASURY MARKET??? yields have been falling...breaking DOWN....from a daily wedge pattern I have long as FED keeps buying or I should say they are selling and the boyz are buying....S&P downgrades our debt with warning....we are issuing RECORD amounts of debt...our currency is diving....yet the yields keep falling???????????????

WHY should anything make sense? The FED has taken that fork in the road and decided all things are fixed by enhancing the top 10% of Americans who hold substantial amounts of stocks and ALL the Banksters
(not small regional banks).......

ANSWER? YOU WANT CHANGE REAL CHANGE???? VOTE FOR RON PAUL!!! He is ONLY one who gets it on monetary policy....will he screw everything else up? maybe we would find out what really happens in free market for ANYONE ELSE and get more of what they been giving you. period.

He sounds CRAZY sometimes because NO ONE else speaks truth TRUTH sounds CRAZY in the face of so many LIES!

Bernanke "printing money will solve everything, I am SCHOLAR of the Great Depression....they didn't print money FAST ENOUGH then,I WONT make same mistake...."  DO you see why the $ is being executed and WHY OIL, SILVER, WHEAT, COPPER, STOCKS....etc have risen? IF YOU dont play THEIR GAME, you LOSE.
You stay in savings (from which loans and investment USED to be derived) YOU LOSE....NOPE this assholes game is to FORCE you my fellow citizen into a RISKY ASSET CLASS..PERIOD....that is their recovery plan.

Underlying values of mortgages held by banks or whomever continue to erode.....HOW HEALTHY IS OUR GAMED SYSTEM REALLY?

This shit can go to the moon, and we can argue, well if you think or know that, the game is still ON.....get on that ship dude....caveat...will you know when to parachute?

TIMING IS EVERYTHING, NO its TIME IN THE MARKET?  what if you JUST enterred in 2000 and bought that top?

99% of investors cannot time anything,,,,,so the last 12 years have been the LOST YEARS for value...and when you throw in DOLLAR devaluation.....boy have you lost big.

If you think FED is the answer to every economic issue, so be it....I see them as insidous and THE PROBLEM.

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