Saturday, April 23, 2011

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Barack Obama told Americans on Saturday there is no "magic bullet" to bring down high gasoline prices and said he wants to end what he called $4 billion in taxpayer subsidies to oil and gas companies.

Obama is feeling the heat from gasoline prices that are about $4 a gallon and may surge higher. A New York Times-CBS News poll found that 70 percent of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track and analysts believe gas prices are a main reason.

The president devoted his weekly radio and Internet address to outlining his views on the U.S. energy predicament, saying clean energy is ultimately the way forward for a country long addicted to gas-guzzling vehicles."

Let me tell you what the problem is. The ZIRP policy by the Federal Reserve System that is GAMING assets across most sectors has been DESTRUCTIVE along with historic deficits and US DEBT DOWNGRADES to the US FIAT $...............EVERYTHING LIKE OIL is priced in US $' what MR PRESIDENT happens to the OIL when the US DOLLAR is thrown under the bus????????????????

The $4B in subsidies are a sideshow and about the MULTI BILLIONS keeping ethanol down in price or otherwise would be so expensive it would be rediculous to use...OH it does JACK up grain prices.......

When our FEARLESS LEADERS don't seem to understand the most simplest 1+1=2 math about economics and the push pull theory, or CAUSE AND EFFECT.....what hope for that hideous overused coinage "CHANGE" is there?

Drive the SUV off the cliff...jump out a Rabbit Diesel......the answer to MOST OF OUR ENERGY ISSUES already exists....CLEAN burning Diesel technology with many of the vehicles getting 40 Plus good or better than the much HYPED hybrids....

OIL is the cheapest energy source on earth.....FED policy is changing our currency falls to hell......and this is exactly what they want....YOU ARE HIDNG IN CASH? F you is what they are syaing F you....BUY INTO a RISKY ASSET class...or F you (my wife doesn't like my language....but you get a firey, caring Duratek here, what comes out is what comes out)

SO, everytime you pump your gas, pay your inflated utility bill, think about your clueless gov't telling you they don't understand what the problem is! Isn't Obama smarter than that? Isn't the ZERO RATE FED POLICY AND BANKSTER BAILOUTS DIRECTLY EFFECTING HIS STRONGEST SUPPORTERS??????

DIDN'T THE EXTENSION OF THE BUSH TAX CUTS DIRECTLY EFFECT HIS MOST ARDENT supporters and slap them in the face? can you say SELLOUT? Where is the lower cost GOVT Health Insurance OPTION?  oh yeah, the republicans killed it? NO he didnt fight for was the ONLY thing that mattered in the 2800 pages of the bill!! LOOK I wont vote for any of them...they are MORE THE SAME than different.

What HOPE is there that the leader of this country cannot articulate that a falling DOLLAR makes EVERYTHING PRICED IN IT MORE EXPENSIVE?????????????

Wait 2 more years and put another dumbass in there that wont do anything for the PEOPLE.....


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