Thursday, April 21, 2011


Is having a guest like Miskin former FED stooge really the best they can do? If anyone heard him talking this AM you know what I mean. If he opened his mouth any wider I expected to see another head come out...what a mindless jerk....and these kinds of people are and were running he FED.

"Well we don't target assets, but we want asset prices to go on't want a weak $ but we want manufacturing jobs to come back......" NOT A SINGLE CHORTLE from the ivory asshole about the OTHER things FED policy is doing....and they're not good.  INFLATION around the world, commodities rocking again this am as the US FIAT TISSUE PAPER ROLLS OVER AGAIN to fresh lows now solidly under 74.00
FRIENDS, IS THIS FED POLICY to destroy the $ and raise stock prices helping the economy? NO, its screwing savers, the middle class and creating an even wider gulf between the haves and nots....higher pump prices dont effect the dudes who dont even pump their own gas.

It's time to be heard, its not time to sit on your hands.Talking to friends and anyone you meet about REAL ISSUES and what is going on is a start.

SO I HAD NO IDEA the way to fix a credit and housing bubble bust was to kill your currency.....and DIRECTLY manipulate asset prices in an attempt to influence asset prices for one sole purpose WEALTH EFFECT.

MY my smiling does have unintended consequences.....and go f yourself for those! 4 week moving avg for unemployment claims rose to near 400,000 this far along INTO "RECOVERY" is another historical first....



Anonymous said...

This is legal robbery by the US government and the same goes with many of our taxes. How so? Our taxes are going to prop up banks, insurance companies, and automakers. Banks get 0% interest rate money and buy back T-Bonds at 3%. Where can the taxpayer get that same deal? We can't is the problem. This is discrimination since all men are created equal and should be treated equally by government.
The situation will only get fixed once it fails and the Fed and US government is ready to take us to that point.

Duratek said...

The govt has been HIJACKED by special interests and insiders...the FED is duplicate in this undertaking and has committed treason by targetting out currency for depreciation and abetting the criminals.
I would like to set up company to buy those treasuries with FED FUNDING as did the 2 wives of GS execs uncovered by Matt Taibi.
Equality is in the eye of the beholder, even a PEOPLES CHOICE award Obama did not, would not or cannot change how deals are made.....sellout the American people comes to mind